HEXBUG Crab Robot

Rp. 179,000
Brand: DFRobot
Product Code: ROB0003
Product viewed: 2663


The Hexbug Crab is more than your basic wind-up. This cool crab can hide in the dark and is scared out of the shadows by loud noise. Any gadget collector or robot fan will LOVE this! You can control where it scurries through a hand clap, loud noise or table slap. The robotic crab will travel autonomously and turn in preprogrammed directions forward until it finds a dark corner or hears a loud noise. This will benefit anyone needing to add a unique item to their robot collection or for the person wanting to impress their favorite science explorer!


  • Cool crab travels until it finds somewhere dark to stop and hide
  • Moves out of darkness due to loud noises
  • Never a dull moment! Crab moves in preprogrammed directions
  • Makes an awesome stocking stuffer, birthday present or desk toy
  • Batteries included

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