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B300MXL Timing Belt (2 pcs)
This is a 300MXL Timing belt. It is commonly used in 3D Printer such as Reprap and Ultimater. ..
Rp. 279,000
Ball Caster Metal-MiniQ
This ball caster used for Robot MiniQ robot is a white ABS housing, a 3/8" diamete..
Rp. 29,000
The new generation "Beetle" controller derives its core notion from minimalism without compromisi..
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Rp. 129,000
Beetle Shield
The Beetle shield is designed to attach a Beetle controller for easy connecting servos and sensor..
Rp. 49,000
Bipolar Stepper Motor with Planet Gear Box (18kg.cm)
This bipolar stepper motor with planet gear box (gear ratio: 5.18) uses a standard 8mm-diameter D..
Rp. 759,000
Bluno - A Bluetooth 4.0 Micro-controller Compatible with Arduino Uno
It's time to get Bluetooth 4.0 into your project, together with your phone! For aficionados of sm..
Rp. 519,000
Bluno Beetle - A compact size Arduino with BLE
Our "Beetle" series derives its core notion from minimalism without compromising functionality. B..
Rp. 249,000
Breadboard Jumper Cables High Quality (10 Pack)
This is a high quality jumper cable. Hand made with 22AWG multistrand wire and sturdy male pins. ..
Rp. 29,000
CheapDuino (5 pcs)
CheapDuino is the most affordable Arduino compatible processor in the world. The price for each C..
Rp. 199,000
Cherokey 4WD Mobile Robot
The Cherokey 4WD is a versatile mobile robot jeep compatible with the most popular microcontrolle..
Rp. 689,000
CMPS03 - Magnetic Compass
Overview The Devantech Magnetic Compass Module CMPS03 identifies the angle of rotation in rel..
Rp. 389,000
CMPS10 - Tilt Compensated Magnetic Compass
Overview The CMPS10 module is a tilt compensated compass. Employing a 3-axis magnetometer and..
Rp. 399,000