UV Sensor

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This UV Sensor (Gadgeteer compatible) used GUVA-S12SD chip is suitable for detecting the UV raditation in sunlight. It can be used in UV Index Monitoring, DIY project, UV-A Lamp Monitoring, Plants growing Environmental monitoring...etc.

It can detect the UV wavelength of 200-370nm, fast response, linear analog voltage signal output. Small size, easy for installing. With the diagram of the world health organization uv index grading standards, you can know the UV index by the sensor directly.

This sensor is able to be powered by 5V or 3.3V which make it compatile with both Gadgeteer, Arduino DUE 3.3V system and standard Arduino  UNO/Mega 5V system.


  • UV-A Lamp Monitoring
  • UV Index Monitoring
  • DIY UV electronic project,etc...
  • Input voltage:5V(via Pin)  3.3V(via IDC10)
  • Output voltage:DC 0-1V(Corresponding 0-10 UV index)
  • Working current:0.06mA(0.1mA max)
  • UV wavelength detect:200-370nm
  • Test accuracy:±1UV INDEX
  • Response time:<0.5s
  • Operating temperature:-20?-85?
  • Interface Type:Anolog
  • .NET gadgeteer connector (IDC10)Socket 
  • Size:27 x 22mm
Shipping List
  • UV Sensor (.Net Gadgeteer Compatible) - (1 unit)
  • 3pin Header-Straight - (1 unit)
  • Cable - (1 unit)

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