ITEAD 2.8" TFT LCD Touch Shield

Rp. 339,000
Brand: ITEAD Studio
Product Code: ARD0059
Product viewed: 1651


ITEAD 2.8" TFT LCD Touch shield is an Arduino UNO/Mega compatible multicolored TFT display with touch-screen and SD card socket. It is available in an Arduino shield compatible pinout for stacking. The TFT driver is based on ILI9325DS with 8bit data and 4bit control interface. 

The Arduino 2.8" TFT LCD Touch shield can work with both 3.3V and 5V, so it can display on Chipkit UNO32 and Simplecortex as well.


  • Arduino UNO Rev3 / Mega Shield compatible footprint 
  • Arduino library UTFT support
  • TFTResolution : 240 x 320 pixels
  • Size : 2.8"
  • Colors : 262K
  • Backlight : LED
  • Driver IC: ILI9325DS


Note: This shield is 100% compatible with ITeaduino, Simplecortex. But not 100% compatible with Arduino UNO because of its big USB connecter socket.




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