Upgraded Google Cardboard

Rp. 169,000
Brand: ITEAD Studio
Product Code: TOL0041
Product viewed: 518


Compared with the famous virtual reality wearable gadget Oculus Rift, Google cardboard looks like a stumble packing paper at first glance. However, its simplicity makes it become one of the biggest surprises in Google I/O press event.

ITEAD released an upgraded Google cardboard recently. Following the original design, we upgrade the cardboard to bring users more comfortable experience in use.

We composed a blog showing the difference between this upgraded cardboard and others. You can get more detail from HERE.


  • Almost ready made
  • 30mm diameter lenses
  • Size: 135mm*91mm*78mm


Packing List

  • Cardboards
  • Lenses
  • Magnets with copper tape
  • Velcro
  • Rubber band
  • NFC tag
  • iPhone 5/5s tape stick



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