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Sale3D Printing Services
Famosa Studio now offering 3D Printing services for customer who need to print a 3 dimension obje..
Rp. 5,000 Rp. 4,000
SaleArduino Esplora
The Arduino Esplora is a microcontroller board derived from the Arduino Leonardo. The Esplora dif..
Rp. 849,000 Rp. 699,000
SaleBeaglebone Black - Rev C
The Beaglebone Black is a low-cost credit-card-sized development platform with good support from ..
Rp. 1,399,000 Rp. 1,199,000
SaleBox for Arduino
The Box for Arduino is the perfect enclosure for any Arduino project, the internal mounting plast..
Rp. 179,000 Rp. 139,000
SaleGPRS Shield V2.0
Hook your Arduino up to GSM/GPRS cell phone network with GPRS shield! You can use your Arduino to..
Rp. 799,000 Rp. 699,000
SaleIComSat v1.1 - SIM900 GSM/GPRS Shield for Arduino
The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Shield is a new nonvoice value added service that deliver..
Based on 14 reviews.
Rp. 659,000 Rp. 599,000
SaleRaspberry Pi - Model B+
Who wants pi? The Raspberry Pi has made quite a splash since it was first announced. The credit-c..
Rp. 699,000 Rp. 599,000
SaleUltrasonic Range Sensor Module HC-SR04
If you are sourcing an ultrasonic ranging module, the HC-SR04 is a good choice. Its stable perfor..
Based on 1 reviews.
Rp. 99,000 Rp. 59,000